EMS Foot Massage

Type: Rechargeable
R$ 29,44

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    Rua do Comércio, 524 - Centro, Santa Ines - SP, 11305-000

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    Stop living in pain and welcome the EMS Foot Massage into your life! This device is the perfect way to pamper yourself, relieve fatigue, and improve circulation. It is easy to use with one simple switch and USB charging, also making it very portable so you can take it with you wherever you need some relief. The EMS Foot Massage uses modern medical technology to simulate foot massage techniques used by professional therapists. Its high-tech design allows it to accurately target the reflex points in your feet for the most enjoyable massage experience. Working within a range of 0-18Hz frequency, this device massages all areas of your foot from top to toe – toes, arch, heel, ankle, calf and even up to your knee! Each session is adjustable with 9 levels of intensity for customized relaxation. Say goodbye soreness and fatigue with just one use of our EMS Foot Massage! Invest in this essential health care device today and say hello to relaxation and comfort any time you need it. Give yourself a spa-quality pedicure at home with ease or treat someone special with a gift they will greatly appreciate. The EMS Foot Massage is the perfect solution for tired bodies everywhere - purchase yours today!
    Size : 32cm * 29cm * 2.8cm
    Power supply : USB/Battery
    Massage principle : vibration
    Mode intensity : 
    Rechargeable version with built-in lithium battery, 6 modes and 15 speeds
    Digital display, built-in lithium battery, 6 modes, 9 speeds
    Remote control model 1/2 contains lithium battery, 6 modes and 9 speeds, both the remote control and the host are charged by usb
    Battery model without battery, 6 modes and 9 levels of power.
    Working voltage : 3.7V
    Working time : 25 minutes
    Working current : 50mA

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